Fridge Freezer Buying Guide

One of the first things we needed to do when renovating our kitchen was buy a brand spanking new fridge freezer! We obviously needed this to keep our food cold and fresh and even though we couldn’t use our kitchen for a while we still needed to keep what little food we could store fresh while the building was going on. When walking into our local appliance store (who shall remain nameless!) we were pretty overwhelmed by all of the options. I always thought that a fridge is a fridge and that’s the end of it…how wrong I was! The amount of colours, feature, models, did we want an under counter fridge freezer? sizes and price ranges had us quite stressed so we decided to do some research before diving in! We started off by asking ourselves what we really needed and also came across a really helpful under counter fridge freezers review site which gave us a few pointers such as:

How much storage do we actually really need?

What will best suit our granite worktop?

What organisation do we need?

As there was just the two of us (no kids yet!) we decided we don’t need a huge american style side by side fridge. The first thing we done was measure the space and we were told to add 2 inches to the height and width to ensure our new fridge would fit properly. We ended up going for a fridge that is 140 litres store capacity in total which was fine for just the two of us.

We then wondered what sort of layout do we need?

We wanted a fridge with adjustable shelves which means we can move them up and down or even take them out to make for space for a few extra beers :). We also decided to go with spill proof shelving as I am a bit of a cluts and often knock over the milk..which can really stink. We then decided to go with a standard black matt style finish as it best suited our kitchen..that was a pretty easy decision as our kitchen fitter basically told us to get black.

Some other features we were told to look out for were LED displays to show us the temperature and give us a control panel as well as energy rating to keep the costs down. One thing I always wanted was a water dispenser built into the fridge and I finally got one!

So what fridge did we go for in the end I hear you scream? Well we went for the RH RHUCFF48 which you can see here and we are totally happy with it!

Stayed tuned for a full review on this fridge when we get a chance! :)